The multiple uses and benefits of cold water extraction procedure:

cold water extraction

Cold water extractions or CWE is a procedure which is used for many different purposes. It helps in cleaning carpets or mats and also used extensively for removing harmful chemical compounds from opioids that are commonly used. Basically it is a popular procedure for separating chemical agents from each other, purifying and cleaning. This method is not very tough and with a little effort you can perform it at home. Most urban dwellers and home owners prefer cleaning mats, rugs and a carpet using hot water extraction procedure but it is not an eco-friendly option. In US states like New York the green movement for eco-friendly household activities have become stronger. That’s why the eco-conscious people are cleaning with the help of CWE or cold water extracting procedure. This procedure uses cold water which is less chemically active and helps in cleansing away stains and marks as effectively as hot water extraction does.


What is cold water extraction?


Cold water extracting is a very common and popularly used procedure for separating a particular chemical substance from a mixture in which it belonged. This is a special type of fractional crystallization which is done with the help of cold water. The basic process involves a few necessary steps and the use of a little bit of warm water. The mixture from which you want to extract one particular substance has to be dissolved at first in warm water. This diluted mixture then has to be cooled. When it reaches a much lower temperature the insoluble substances will get separated from the water solution but the soluble substances will remain in the mixture. The next step is to use filtration technique for separating the extracted, insoluble substance from the main mixture or water solution. One can use decantation instead of filtration for separating the insoluble substance. The solubility of different substances varies with temperature. A substance which is soluble in hot water may not be soluble in cold water. This scientific rule is used for utilizing the CWE or cold water extracting method.

What is the purpose of using the cold water extracting technique?


The cold water extracting technique is used for freeing the pain relieving medicines from Tylenol. Tylenol is a substance which is commonly found in the opium based pain killers. Heavy dosage of Tylenol can be very harmful for your internal organs. That’s why they are extracted using the cold water extracting technique. The cold water extracting technique is ideal for this kind of separation because the opiates get easily dissolved in the cold water but the Tylenol is insoluble in the same. As a result it gets filtered and cleared away from the pain reliever. The Tylenol harms your liver when opium based pain killers are taken everyday. Cold water extracting technique ensures the safety of your health.


What is the procedure of removing Tylenol?


The procedure of removing Tylenol from opium based pain killers is pretty easy. It can be performed without too many lab accessories and tools. For successfully performing this procedure you need to crush the opiate based pain killer pills. Do not try to perform the process on more than five pills at one go or the extraction will not happen properly. You have to mix the crushed pill powder with 150 ml of water and then heat the mixture. Make sure that the temperature does not get too high or else the opiate in the mixture will be demolished and break into other chemical agents. Extracting the Tylenol after that will become tougher. There is a simple way to check if the water is at the right temperature. You should put your finger in the water and feel the warmth. If the warmth is comfortable for your finger then it is at the right temperature. The warmth should not exceed the temperature of a warmed pool for swimming. After you have ascertained that the temperatures of the pool is perfect then move on to the next step. After mixing the pill powder with the warm water and stirring it carefully put it inside the freezer. It should sit inside the freezer for around 30 minutes.


The insoluble particles will be found at the bottom of the glass container. This is known as APAP. This substance needs to be removed from the mixture as spoon as possible. Get a coffee filter and filter the mixture through it to get rid of the insoluble particles. The mixture left on the glass after extraction has been completed is your medicine and it tastes very bitter. If you do not have a coffee filter then you can use other easily available filters like aerospace and cleesecloth.


How can we use cold water extracting technique for cleaning?


Generally hot water extraction is used for cleaning carpets and rags but eco-conscious people have realized that this method is not environmentally friendly and causes damage to the surrounding atmosphere. That’s why the less effective yet eco-friendly cold water extracting is utilized for cleaning carpets and other heavy materials in urban homes. The hot water is more chemically reactive than cold water. Hot water dissolves more salts than cold water but when the salt dissolves and breaks in the presence of hot water then polluting fumes are released. These fumes can be potentially harmful for the people around.


That’s why cold water is being used for extraction and cleaning. Another important reason for using cold water for cleaning is that the machines which use cold water do not require as much electricity as the other machines. They save energy, cut down your electricity bill and cost less than the hot water cleaning machines. The machines which use hot water get heated and emit this heat in the surroundings. This is a way of polluting the surroundings and should not be used often. Cold water does not damage its surroundings in any manner or impart harmful toxic fumes. The home environment needs to stay cleaned and cold water extracting technique helps with this.


Why is cold water extracting method used for collecting DNA?


Cold water extraction method is used for several different purposes. DNA extraction is one of the tasks performed with the help of this technique. The main reason behind using cold water is its less chemically active nature. The cold water protects the DNA from damage during the extraction procedure. There are enzymes which can demolish the DNA and damage it severely. By cooling it down you can prevent the damage that enzymes may cause. The enzymes that damage the DNA are present in the cytoplasm. There actual task is to protect us against the bacteria and Virus that may enter our body. The enzymes are capable of destroying the DNA of bacteria and virus. But during extraction it comes in touch with the DNA which is otherwise safely enclosed by the nucleus membrane. Cold water can slow down the enzymes so that the extraction is completed without any serious damage.


Are safety measures necessary for cold water extraction?


The cold water extraction is performed on the generic analgesic and painkillers and also on more serious drugs. Doctors sometimes prescribe drugs which contain harmful chemical substances that can react with the enzymes inside our body and cause serious damage. Cold water extraction is one of the safest procedures that are done without involving any chemical reactions. It is basically a cleansing method which is physical in nature. You will need a good filtering machine and perform the tasks carefully to avoid complications and get success. Crush the pills with the help of a pestle and mortar.


Mix the powder cautiously with the warm water. Make sure that the mixture is stirred well and see if the powder has properly dissolved with the water or not. After the mixing has been completed then you will have to let the warm mixture come down to the room temperature. Keep it on a table and wait for20 minutes so that the mixture comes down to the temperature of the room. Next place it inside the cooler or freezer. After cooling it down to a much lower temperature take it out for filtering. Every step of the cold extraction has to be performed with great care or else there is a high chance of mishap. The ultimate goal is to get rid of the harmful substances and using only the opiates. The differing solubility of different chemical substances helps in this method.


What are some of the direct advantages of this method of extraction?


Cold water extraction is a very cost effective procedure that can be performed with the help of minimum number of apparatus. It can be performed at home which is one of the amazing benefits of this process. This method is industrially used for extracting bitumen from oil sands. Unlike other methods of extraction cold water extracting process does not require the installation of long pipelines. That’s why it is cost effective for industrial purposes. Another great benefit of this method is its eco-friendly nature. It helps us in getting rid of corrosive substances and impurities.

cold water extraction

cold water extraction